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Copyright Notice: These experiment samples from our experiment books may be used in lab courses and one copy of each may be printed per student.

Experiments with Electric Circuits

Lab 13: Op-Amp / Controlled Voltage Source
Lab 20: Series-Parallel AC Measurements
Lab 32: RLC Circuit Impulse Response
Lab 34: Inductive Impulse Response
Lab 37: Band-Pass Filter / Convolution Integral
Lab 42: Active Band-Pass Filter
Experiments with 3-Phase

Electronic Control Systems: Simulations and Experiments

Pulse Width Modulation and Power Control
Proportional Mode Control System
Proportional Mode Temperature Control

Op-Amp Circuits: Simulations and Experiments

Chapter 2: Offset, noise, and frequency response.
Chapter 5: Regulated power supply
Chapter 6: Geophone
Chapter 8: Photo-resistor opto-coupler

Electric Experiments for Technology, 2nd Edition

Lab 1: Electrical Resistance and the Resistor
Lab 7: DC Measurements,Loading Effects, Simulation
Lab 15: Network Theorems
Lab 19: RL Transient Response
Lab 41: 3-Phase Power / Wye Connection
Lab 44: Bandpass Filter / FFT / Square Wave
Experiments with 3-Phase

AC and Three-Phase: Simulations and Experiments

App 2: Parts Information
Exp 1b: Series-Parallel Circuit Measurements
Exp 2b: Series Compensation
Exp 3b: Center Tapped Transformer
Exp 4b: Three-Phase Power / Delta Connection
Exp 5b: Delta-Wye transformer


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